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Top 10 New Mom Essentials

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Our first baby turned 7 months old this week, which is almost hard to fathom. I wanted to take a second and document some of my favorite products for those first few months while they’re still fresh in my memory. I am a nerd at heart so I did A LOT of research on products and read several books before the little one arrived. Total first-time parents right here.


You will get SO much unwarranted advice it will make your head spin!  All with the best of intentions. My biggest advice would be listen to your closest girlfriends, chances are you’re a lot like them, your mom (you turned out ok, right?) and Amazon!  Yep, that site is my best friend when it comes to most things baby. If 5,000 people give a product five stars I’m going to assume its pretty good.


Here are a few of my favs and why.

1- Halo Bassinest. This is a pricey item but worth it. It is adjustable to be the perfect height for your bed. It swivels 180 degrees so baby can be pulled directly up to you for nursing, diaper change, etc. It then swivels out so you can get up yourself without disturbing the sleeping baby. The side closest to you folds down to easily get the baby out for nursing without having to lift he/she up and over. It has a blue night light which doesn’t fully wake the baby yet gives you light for nursing, diaper changes, etc. It also has a nursing timer, sleep music/sounds, vibration and two large pockets. It’s amazing!  Especially great for c-section recovery!  We used it until he was over 5 months old and it can be used until they’re 6 months old.


2-4 The entire Fisher Price Snuggapuppy (bunny, monkey, etc.) is excellent. Made in the USA of very durable material, easily washed, smooth movement and you will find your baby loves them. The bouncy seat is so needed for cooking, showering etc. They’re safely strapped in and are entertained with vibration, music and dangling toys. The rock ‘n play is an answered prayer when the baby won’t sleep. He slept six hours straight for the first time in this thing. A giant caution though, I was so scared to take him out because he was sleeping well that I kept him in this at night for several weeks and flat head syndrome starting happening!  He favored one side and you can’t switch it up like you can when they’re laying flat. I put him back in his bassinet and he slept just as good. I also used a special pillow to help round his head back out. At six months you can only correct it with a helmet do pay attention to their head shape daily. The swing is awesome. Kinda big but they all are. It goes in different directions, cradles them when they’re newborn but sits more upright as they grow. The music and sounds can be adjusted to a pretty high volume which is great too. We also got the Mamaroo based on word of mouth and have used it the least, yet it nearly cost more than all these combined.  I’d say it’s not necessary. Plus some babies don’t like it at all. He definitely didn’t rest the best in it. All babies are different though, so save your receipts.


5 Prince Lionheart Deluxe Wipes Warmer.  Wipes are soooo cold even during the summer and their tiny bottoms are just fragile. So not a necessity but I swear they help. The baby’s not jolted awake by a cold wipe and they stay nice and wet/damp. It’s also not overly large so we find it sits nicely on the dresser or changing table. Side note:  I don’t see a reason for a changing table either. Our changing pad on top of his dresser is perfect. To me, they’re an eyesore. Just never leave baby unattended.

6 MAM Glow in the Dark Pacifiers. I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse but Harrison stopped taking pacifiers before even four months. He was just uninterested. He also sleeps 10-12 hours every night (right now) so I’m fine with no binky. He’s a good self-soother. When he did take a pacifier these thing were lifesavers!  You’re so tired and baby wakes up every few hours. The paci put him right back to sleep but he’d cry when he lost it. The glow in the dark paci took two seconds to grab and give him. Baby goes right back to sleep and mom does too!  I kept three in his bassinet. Tip- holding them near a light for thirty or so seconds makes then glow BRIGHT for days!

7-8 UPPAbaby Mesa and Vista. Another splurge that I think was money well spent. My husband searched and searched for the best stroller and car seat and eventually talked me into this one. The car seat gets great safety ratings and is soooo easy to snap in and out of the base. We’ve traveled with it too and it works great in taxis without the base using the seatbelt. The stroller is hands down the best I’ve seen. The storage area is gigantic I grocery shop in it and everything!  The car seat pops into it too. It has a rumble seat and can hold two for two kiddo families, it also has a bassinet/pram that we used a lot when he was small. It’s so soft inside. The canopies are large and give great coverage plus there’s an SPF 50 additional canopy on the rumble seat and bassinet. It’s my favorite baby item purchase.

9 Car seat Canopy. These are so great too. We took it off for a week and missed it so much we put it right back on!  When they’re so new and teeny it keeps strangers from touching and peering. Everyone assumes they’re sleeping if covered, which they probably are at that age. 😉 It also keeps sun, wind, rain and snow away. And they’re cute with the baby’s name or monogram. They also wash nicely.

 10 Infant Tub.  Last but not least- the infant tub!  This one is the best seller on Amazon. We were given the 4Moms tub which is great now that he’s older but when he was super tiny and really until 5 months we used this one. I bought it on a whim (those reviews and the $16 price tag got me) after he hated baths and he totally changed with this one. It’s the sling. It holds them snugly and they just melt into it. Much less stressful for the parents.


I’ll do another post on additional items I’m loving but also that he’s really liked as he’s gotten older and started playing with toys and teething. Entertainment is key as they become more alert. Hope this is helpful.



1. Halo Bassinest. 2.  Fisher Price Little Snuggapuppy Deluxe Bouncer 3.  Fisher Price Deluxe Snugapuppy Rock ‘N Play

4. Fisher Price Snugapuppy Cradle and Swing 5.  Prince Lionheart Deluxe Wipes Warmer 6.  MAM Glow in the Dark pacifiers

7. UPPAbabyMesa Infant Car Seat 8. UPPAbaby Vista Stroller 9. Car Seat Canopy  10. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub

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